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Recapping Our Latest News Stories

As we move into the month of October, we wanted to take a minute and recap our top five news stories that have taken place in the building industry. With three major hurricanes, August and September have certainly been busy! Let’s take a look at some top stories, both from BuilderPR and elsewhere.

#1. Smartphones Are Now Housekeys

Early in September, we talked about using your smartphone as a key. One step forward for humankind, one giant leap for robots everywhere. Here were our key takeaways:

  • Assign temporary access to another smartphone, making it easier for house and pet sitters, or visiting friends and family
  • No more jangling keys
  • No more “did I lock the door” anxiety – double-check using the app and take comfort in knowing the door can automatically lock behind you

#2. Storm Safety After Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey swept into Texas with a vengeance, and was shortly followed up by Hurricane Irma in Florida and Maria sweeping through Puerto Rico. In light of this, we shared our top storm safety tips to ensure homeowners (and builders) everywhere stayed safe during these natural disasters. From building a prep kit to designating a safe zone, we hope this article helps prepare you and your family should the need ever arise.

To donate to victims of Irma, Harvey, and Maria, please check out the links below:

#3. Builder Confidence Rose in August

Towards the end of August, builder confidence was on the rise. Attributed to less resale homes available on the market, builders were seeing an uptick in buyers desiring new home construction. Buyers were even ready to pay premium for this new construction.

As we shift into October, the NAHB reports that sales of newly built, single-family homes fell 3.4%. According to the NAHB, builders need to be aware of material costs and the buyer’s desire for affordable homes. The recent swath of hurricanes will also impact the market, especially as affected builders deal with damage caused to any of their homes or communities.

#4. Snapchat and Marketing

No longer limited to just teens, Snapchat has entered the marketing world. Targeted geofilters, Snap Maps, and more have given marketing teams yet another avenue to reach buyers. Using ads, lenses, and filters to creatively connect with buyers, Snapchat opens a world of possibilities.

#5. Website Safety

In July, we learned that your website could be at risk for hacking or just not being relevant. Older databases, outdated contact forms, and more all play a vital role in the security of your website. Here were our key takeaways:

  • SEO practices change often – a new website guarantees you have the latest tools and upgrades
  • HTTPS keeps private information private
  • If your site isn’t mobile-friendly, it won’t rank well
  • Outdated contact forms and databases run the risk of being hacked
  • Older sites generally perform at a lower level than newer sites

Stay Tuned!

BuilderPR has more great news stories, builder articles, and tips coming your way. Keep checking back for the latest in homebuilder news.