What We Can Learn From Simmons Homes

Simmons Homes Embraces Mobile First & Quicker Load Times

The newly launched Simmons Homes website features quick load times, giving site visitors an unparalleled user experience. The fastest site built by Builder Designs so far, this Tulsa home builder is set to enter a new age in selling.

“Our mobile traffic is close to 70% and we realized we were missing an opportunity to provide our mobile users the best possible browsing experience,” said Dana Bowen, Director of Sales for Simmons Homes. “We made the decision to build a ‘mobile-first’ website that allowed us to showcase our product in a much more intuitive interface.”

The Need for Speed

It’s no secret we live in an impatient world. We want everything, and we want it now. But did you know website speed also affects sales?

A staggering half of website users expect a website to load in 2 seconds or less – and will bounce if they don’t load in 3. Add in that 79% of online shoppers won’t return if they have trouble with the site the first time around, and you’re starting to get the picture.

Why Simmons Homes Breaks the Mold

With short load times (2.75 seconds, down from 4 seconds previously) and attention-grabbing features, Simmons’ new site is slated to become their most valuable marketing tool.

Fast-loading webpages and the easy-to-navigate structure all combine to make the user experience as satisfactory as possible. And if the user is happy, they’re far more likely to buy.

And it doesn’t just end at the load times. Simmons Homes went the extra mile, ensuring each page of their website is top-notch. Just take a look at their Communities page – engaging photos and color use draw your eye to the important features. As for text, Simmons includes plenty of text about the Tulsa area to help boost their SEO.

How You Can Improve

So what does this mean for your own website? Well, if your site is loading slowly, that’s a poor sign. Contact your web developer to see how they can help increase loading time for your website. If your site is several years old, it may even be time to develop a new website entirely.