Welcome to the Family, Myers Barnes!

Builder Designs is proud to announce that Myers Barnes will officially begin working as President of Builder Designs this month. He arrives in the office on Monday, June 19th for his first official week on the job.

Barnes’ impressive resume includes best-selling author of four books, a renowned new home sales educator, and a proven track record of success in the home builder industry.

Barnes joins the BD team as an exclusive consultant just for Builder Designs clients. Now BD clients will not only enjoy effective, customizable solutions designed for what they do, but it will now be combined with Barnes’ tried-and-true expertise.

The collaboration comes after years of partnering on various projects, including the sharing of multiple clients. The next logical step was to make it official and welcome Barnes aboard the Builder Designs team.

“We live in a digital world. It’s less about techniques for closing the sale, and more about the online involvement. Homebuyers are doing far more research than ever before. Their needs have changed, the path to purchase has transformed, and so conventional strategies just don’t work anymore.” – Myers Barnes, “Extra! Extra! Big News from Olathe, Kansas”

The Builder Designs team looks forward to exploring these new strategies with Barnes, including the development of the BuilderIQ marketing team which focuses on online marketing solutions that will lead to maximum traffic with minimum investment. Builder Designs is now your programmer, web designer, and online marketer, all in one convenient spot.

To learn more about how Barnes will be working with the BuilderIQ team, give them a call at (913) 393-3367 or drop them a line using the form on the Builder Designs website.