Snapping Up Buyers

Using Snapchat to Sell Homes

Snapchat isn’t just for teens swapping selfies anymore. According to an article by Inman, Snapchat hits the market realtors want most: the coveted 25 and older range.

Targeted geofilters, Snap Maps, and more all let you market directly to the millennial buyer. Add that to the fact users 25 and older use Snapchat 12 times a day for a total of 20 minutes, and you have a market just waiting to be tapped.

An example of a Snap Map
Find new ways to market using Snap Maps.


So how can you get your feet wet in this advertising platform? Lucky for you, we’ve curated a top five list of our favorite ways to start marketing to buyers on Snapchat.

Targeted geofilters. An overlay filter the user can choose when taking snaps, a targeted geofilter lets you assign a personalized filter to a specific area. Use one in your communities, for groundbreaking ceremonies, and more.

Snapchat Stories. Similar to a Facebook update but easier to scroll through, Snapchat Stories let you post a series of updates to your profile. Cover a model opening, take a tour of a newly built home, or take snaps of happy homebuyers to post to your story.

Snap Maps. Snapchat received some heat for this latest update which reveals your location to the world if you don’t update your settings. However, agents can use this map to locate the nearest “hot spots” for snapping, and you can share your story with with the world – giving you endless opportunities to highlight your brand.

Lenses. Get creative with lenses! This is a playful way to highlight your business – if you’ve ever seen photos of millennials wearing puppy ears or flower crowns, you know what these lenses look like.

An example of a Snapchat filter.
Here, we see the author in her natural habitat – using a cat snap lens.


Snap Ads. A full-screen ad, Snap Ads are 100% viewable and have audio on by default, according to the Snapchat website. A classic vertical video ad, Snapchat will work with you to reach your target audience.

But don’t stop there! Get creative and figure out the best way to make Snapchat work for you.

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