Sage Homes Northwest Earns Prestigious Oracle Excellence Award

SEATTLE — Local home builder, Sage Homes Northwest, earned a top award this month for system integration from Oracle. The industry-leading cloud application and platform firm recognized the ingenuity that pushed Oracle Primavera farther than they had previously seen.

The award, which was part of the 2019 Oracle Construction and Engineering Awards, recognizes the efforts and achievements of customers as they improve management and delivery of projects through their Oracle platforms. Sage Homes Northwest was selected from a pool of national nominees in the category of Systems Integration.

Mike Brown, Sage Homes Northwest’s Business Systems & Process Manager, spearheaded the integration when the company was looking for a solution that would connect project management with accounting. The process of manual data entry was time-consuming and created delays.

He said the challenge was finding one platform that would allow them to better manage their growing volume of construction projects and get real-time project updates in one place.

The Oracle Primavera Cloud platform on its own didn’t integrate with the builder’s accounting software, but the open API provided the opportunity to bridge the gap. Brown engaged the help of ProvenBI, a data analysis consulting firm, to take Primavera to the level they needed.

“We now avoid double entry and can access real-time data,” explains Brown. “Our accounting software gets all of the financial reports directly from Primavera. All of our tracking and compliance information is integrated into the project management software, so we can see where we are in the process, monitor costs, and mark stages complete right from the job site, which enables faster payment to our tradespeople. The result of that feature is a shortened pay cycle, which is certainly a benefit to our sub-contractors.”

Bryan Smith, a ProvenBI analyst, described the solution as “game-changing data integration that will greatly increase the operational efficiency and decrease the overall cost of the contract management process.”

“We implemented Oracle Primavera Cloud to sharpen our internal processes,” explains Marlon Fenton, president of Sage Homes Northwest. “The systems integration platform has delivered beyond our expectations and is an integral part of every aspect of our business, from planning and scheduling through the construction process.”

Fenton said the successful deployment resulted from having every department “totally on board with increasing efficiency”.

Oracle Primavera Cloud is among the technology leader’s Construction and Engineering solutions. By enabling real-time reporting and communication, homebuilders gain the insight they need for precise planning and execution. In the highly competitive Seattle homebuilding market, Sage Homes Northwest is maximizing Oracle Primavera Cloud’s potential to maintain an edge.

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About Sage Homes Northwest: Sage Homes Northwest builds townhomes and single-family homes in Seattle and the surrounding region. Founded in 2007 by Todd Leabman and Jesse Molnick, Sage Homes Northwest began when many builders were facing extreme challenges in the economic downturn. Close attention to the needs of the market and the leadership’s commitment to relationship integrity steered the company to become one of Seattle’s premier builders. It has maintained local, small business culture that consistently delivers a positive buying experience to each customer.