Q-Bot: Tech Partners with Construction

Featured image courtesy of Co.Exist

Building can be a dirty and dangerous business. Luckily, a robot called the Q-Bot has been developed in London that will aid in home construction and repair in a number of ways. For instance, if you need to deliver insulation under the floor of an existing home, the Q-Bot can crawl underneath the floorboards and deliver insulation, saving the hassle and cost of pulling up the floor and turning the home into a dirty and hazardous construction zone.

The cute little robot has the appearance of a bright remote-controlled toy car with a camera on it, presumably so that contractors can see on a computer screen where the robot is going deep in the hidden bowels of the house.

Image courtesy of Co.Exist.


Additionally, the Q-Bot offers a surveying service which allows contractors to assess issues such as leaks and get a thorough understanding of the infrastructure hidden under floors and behind walls without tearing everything apart.

They are even working on a model that could climb up inside walls and outside the building to assess and insulate those as well.

Overall, it appears to be a very practical, cost effective, and even fun way for contractors to do difficult jobs.

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