OKC Homebuilder Exceeds Energy Efficient Standards

Homes by Taber sets industry standards with their energy efficient new homes in the Oklahoma City metro. With their energy efficiency program and air filtration system, this new home builder saves their customers money while lessening the carbon footprint of new homes.

The HERS Index

In the world of energy efficiency, the HERS Index appears most often. A scoring system created by the Residential Energy Services Network (RESNET), the HERS Index rates how efficient new homes are.

Taber explains that you should think of these scores like golf: the lower the score, the better. A standard new home hits around 100 on the HERS Index, for example – but a Taber home scores in the 50s! On average, that means a Taber home saves their customers around $1,419 a year. Just imagine how that money can stack up the longer you live in the home.

Breathing Easy

A huge selling point for this builder, their HVAC system and custom ductwork ensure the cleanest air possible for homeowners. Indoor air pollution is often 5 times worse than outside air – staggering figure provided by the EPA.

To combat this, Taber’s air filtration system removes allergens, dust, bacteria, and smoke. This system is up to 100 times more effective than their competitors.

Poor indoor air quality is linked to nausea, fatigue, headaches, and more. With a Taber home, families can rest easy knowing their family is safe and healthy.

What’s Your Score?

If you’re not certain where your home ranks in the HERS Index, you can always request an audit! Contact a HERS Energy Rater to rank your new homes.