New Tech Powers Homes by Sun, Even at Night

When it comes to solar-powered electricity, technology up to this point has always hit a wall when it comes to this question: what happens at night when there is no sun to produce energy? So far solutions have been limited, but what if you could convert the energy of the sun into a form that could be stored and then accessed later at night when the sun has gone down? Well, CNX Construction, a company based in Thailand, has developed a solution.


These houses will take any energy from the solar panels that isn’t being used at the time and convert it to hydrogen using electrolyzers. This hydrogen can then be stored for later use using fuel cells. This allows 24-hour access to the power of the sun, even at night. The process is entirely clean: the only by-products of conversion are oxygen and water! The solar panels can generate about 441 kWh of electricity per day. The capacity of the hydrogen storage of course limits how much is available at night: just 120 kWh can be generated by the fuel cells per day. Since they expect the daily demand to be 200 kWh per day, though, that makes more than enough to power the house day and night!

This is a great leap forward in sustainable home-building. A future of homes powered by clean energy is finally drawing closer.