The New Player in Search Rankings

Content may still be king, but according to a recent study by Ahrefs, featured snippets are quickly becoming the next power player in the search engine game.

In plain terms, a featured snippet is the brief answer box that pops up when you search for a term. Ever type in “USPS Tracking” or “what is blogging” only to get a stand-alone box with the exact answer you need as the top result? That’s a featured snippet.

Hey, we don’t judge your searches.


Why It Matters

So what makes these little boxes so important? Well, for one they appear above the other, organic search results. This means that even if you’re normally the top result on Google, you’ll still get beat out by the lucky soul who scores a featured snippet ranking.

In number terms, they went from #1 to #0. According to Ahrefs, they even steal clicks away from the number one result.

For builders, this means that even if your website is normally number one organically, you could get beat out by some lower-tier builder just because they’ve filled their site with just the right content to land a featured snippet role.

That being said, you don’t always see a featured snippet on a page. Sometimes it is enough to just rank in the top organically or jump the line with Google AdWords. The featured snippet comes into play when a user types in what’s know as a “long-tail keyword.”

In non web-jargon, that means something that is so specific that it’s not a super common search. But, while individually those searches are low, overall long-tail keywords account for around 40% of all search traffic! That’s a huge market to miss out on.

Climbing the Search Rank Ladder

How do you land this coveted role at the top? Ironically, it all circles back to content. The more detailed, in-depth articles you have, the more likely you are to meet someone’s oddly specific search about home building.

See Ahrefs’ infographic below on the top thirty searched words to get some ideas for how to incorporate them into your website:

All this tells me is I should start writing recipes.


The easiest way for builders to do this is to A) ramp up existing copy pages on their site and B) consider starting (or re-starting) a blog to handle all this in-depth additional content.

Content is still king, so you want to be sure you’re making your site reflect what home buyers are wanting to know. You’ll want to both ask and answer the question in your posts, and include as much relevant information as you can! There’s no guarantee Google will pick you up, but it does significantly up your chances at getting noticed.

Still need help? Check out our nifty top ten list of potential blog topics below, and visit the BuilderIQ website for more helpful tips on blogging and marketing to home buyers.

Topics to Think About:

  1. The best floor plan for your growing family
  2. Crunching the numbers on buying new versus used
  3. Scheduling showings and why they’re important
  4. General timelines for building a new home
  5. Can you really afford a new home?
  6. Building a new home doesn’t take as long as you think
  7. The best way to decorate your new home
  8. Common builder terms and what they mean
  9. The best home for the price
  10. Recipe for successful home building

Good luck!