Marketing Strategies to Increase your Sales

As a builder you’ve probably had no trouble selling the homes you’ve built, thanks to the improving housing market. However, this boon won’t last indefinitely, so it’s important to take stock of your current marketing strategy and consider how you can improve and stay ahead of the curve.

We’ve taken some time to lay out ideas that you can use to increase your sales, even after the housing market plateaus.

First, in order for a buyer to even be able to consider you, they have to be able to find you, and 9 out of 10 homebuyers are now finding their new house online. Do a quick search of “new homes [your city].” Are you on the first page of the results? If so, then congrats! If not, then it may be time to think about investing in SEO services. If a buyer can’t quickly find you, they’ll go with whoever else pops up first, regardless of your reputation.

In order to keep a buyer interested once they’ve found your website, make sure everything links properly and is super simple to navigate. If a potential client can’t quickly find a page with information about your builder inventory, they’re not likely to choose you as their homebuilder. However, if a visitor on your site can quickly compare homes in multiple communities where you build, chances are they’ll become more invested in your available properties.

A contact page on your site can be an invaluable sales funnel, and will help you identify lead loss areas as well as begin to build a relationship with customers as a builder.

When you’re building a website or a marketing strategy, it’s imperative you know what your specialties are and what makes you stand out from other builders. Whether you’ve got an extraordinary commitment to energy efficiency, include  granite countertops and hardwood floors as standard features in your homes, or design impressive community amenities like sports fields, pools, clubhouses, and walking paths, make sure your clients know! Establishing what makes you special will help clients sort through piles of other builders.

In addition to your site, be sure to update your social media accounts on Twitter, Facebook, etc. frequently. Statuses or tweets about a home sales special or exclusive lot locations will keep buyers in-the-know. Apps like Houzz, Trulia, and Instagram are more great ways to market your business and announce sales deals.

Uploading video walk-throughs of your homes and communities where you build is a great way to introduce a potential client to your homes and to showcase your product.

What ideas do you have for how to market your homebuilding business online? Leave us a note below!