Lead Management and CRM Software

At the crux of customer service is being able to generate and maintain lasting relationships with those you’re serving.  The starting point is making sure no one is lost in the process.  These days there are so many different ways to initiate contact, particularly with the ease and necessity of online services.  But there are just as many ways for it to end up sent to a broken link, a faulty email, or a small homebuilder team juggling many projects all at once and a message simply disappearing.  However it happens, The Yankee Group reports that up to 80% of all leads end up falling by the wayside due to untimely responses (if any are received at all) or somehow losing them altogether.  So when your company has spent time, energy, and financial resources in building and maintaining their online presence in particular, all this marketing effort is essentially wasted when these leads vanish.

This is one of the things that CRM home builder software prevents from happening.  Lasso proudly reports significantly improved CRM on behalf of a number of home builder companies who’ve tried their service.  The software captures new leads and manages them using basic data entry, automatically generating a ‘thank you’ response to the customer as well as alerting the appropriate sales agent of a new potential lead to personally contact.  Additionally, these leads are kept and sorted within the system.  This service is crucial to your business’ success because it tracks and holds every single contact and freeing your time to work more closely with clients in order to make that sale.

Another feature of this lead management is what’s known as lead intelligence.  Once first contact has been reciprocated, this intelligence program provides information essential to prospective clients’ needs.  Following these personal preferences, interests, and ultimately buying habits of these leads, your company is better able to anticipate those needs and customize the experience according to the client.  Having ready access to this valuable information is a huge advantage over other companies, and most of all, it keeps your clients satisfied.  When your clients are pleased, they become your most supportive advocates and biggest advertising power.  Lasso can personally attest to this.

There are many other benefits from utilizing CRM software, including the ability to convert prospects into sales, built-in email marketing and realtor communication.  You’ll be able to track purchases and many minute details within a single database without having to resort to managing spreadsheets.  Lastly, reporting has never been easier.  Lasso takes care of all of these and more within their CRM software program, ultimately increasing the effectiveness of your marketing strategies by managing everything else for you.