Is Your Smartphone the New House Key?

These days, there’s an app for everything. Commucation! Banking! Weather! Cat ninjas!

Now, though, those apps are starting to connect with your home more directly. As in, you can control your home appliances, lights, and more.

The Nest Thermostat, for example, connects with your existing thermostat to control the heating and cooling in your house. It even learns from your preferences to make sure your house is always the perfect temperature.

August takes it one step further with their August Smart Lock.

Lock & Key

Turning your smartphone into your house key, it gets rid of the need for those pesky little metal pieces jingling on your keyring. Think like an office badge, but for your house. Oh, and it’s not an I.D. card – it’s your phone.

Not only that, but you can actually assign temporary access to other phones! You’ll never need to leave endless copies for your neighbors, the pet sitter, or your mother-in-law again.

August lets you set a time limit to this access as well. This gives you the freedom to give brief access to someone like a pet sitter, dog walker, or other service provider without the fear of them having a physical key to your home.

For those of us who struggle to lock the door behind us when leaving for work in the A.M., August provides the “auto-lock” feature! Your door will automatically lock behind you when you leave.

And throughout all of this, August keeps track of the comings and goings on their activity log. You’ll be able to see at a glance who has entered your home and when, since everyone will have personal keys.

The Verdict

So what do you think – cool, or too creepy for words? This author’s on the fence, but the idea of being able to give temporary access out to the pet sitter is super tempting.

Hmm, I might be okay with the robots taking over if they’re all this little guy.