Increase Your Business with Interactive Floor Plans

If you’re looking to improve your company’s online marketing strategy, consider building interactive floor plans with your web design team. These unique online prints allow potential clients to play around with features that can be added to a particular floor plan’s layout. Not only does this translate into a sort of investment by the customer, but will often lead to the customer actually selecting the upgrades once they commit to building a home with you.

Most people click through websites very quickly, so it’s important to catch their eye and encourage them to pause for a minute to learn more about the homes you offer. Interactive floor plans include every window, doorway, room size, fireplace, porch, staircase, column, chimney, and major appliance option for a home’s layout. These customizable plans make it easy for a person to design their ideal house with just a few clicks.

Though videos can add a helpful multimedia touch, it’s much easier for people to experiment with floor plans on their own than wait for part of a video to interest them. Videos are also more difficult when it comes to going back and finding a portion that the client had an interest in. Interactive floor plans allow clients to manipulate a potential home in a much more tangible way than is possible through video.

Another reason to choose an interactive floor plan over a video of a home is the simple fact that videos don’t work very well when you’re trying to showing off smaller nooks and spaces, like closets or half baths. There’s not enough room to smoothly use a camcorder, and even a wide-lens camera just can’t capture small spaces quite right.

One last thing to consider when choosing between video or interactive floor plans is the difficulty involved with each. Anyone who’s held a camera knows how easy it is to end up with a shaky, dark video with unintelligible sound, whereas companies offering interactive floor plans make the process quick and easy.

An interactive floor plan can show the entire home at a quick glance. Knowing where the windows are located, how large the rooms are, and what options exist for a fireplace are all relevant questions many customers are seeking to answer when they visit your company’s site. You may want to consider having a “save” option for anyone toying around with the floor plans, which can be used as a means for clients to record plans they love. Saved plans can be used as a sales funnel for your business when you set up an automatic email notification for when a client creates a folder plan.

Builder Designs has been creating websites for home building companies since 2005. They have expanded over the years to offer services like SEO, blogging, web hosting, and more. More importantly, Builder Designs has recently begun to offer interactive floor plans to their clients. You can view their impressive work for Magnolia Homes here. If you’re ready to take the leap into increased sales and customer attention, contact Builder Designs to get started on interactive floor plans for your company.