Homes by Taber Gives Back All Year Long

Along with building high quality homes in the Oklahoma City area, Homes by Taber also places great importance on giving back to their communities. Because of this, they’ve founded a Taber Cares charity committee dedicated to creating opportunities for charitable volunteering or donating.

Made up of a representative from each department at Taber, the charity committee collectively chooses which charitable organization the company will focus on as a whole for a certain month. However, employees are encouraged to keep volunteering and donating all year round, regardless of that month’s charity of choice.

Volunteer Opportunities

Taber LeBlanc, founder of Homes by Taber, encourages all of his employees to seek out volunteer opportunities. He also lets them volunteer during work hours as needed, to ensure his staff feels completely fulfilled.

“I want to do so much more than just donate money. That’s the easy part. I want to use the power of my company and our relationships with our business partners to make an impact by being involved. That’s what our Taber Cares initiative is all about.” – Taber LeBlanc, “Taber Gives Back”

And while Homes by Taber chooses a particular charity to donate to in a certain month financially, they continue to volunteer with them throughout the year.

Charity of the Month

A huge part of Taber Cares is the charity of the month. Each year, the Taber Cares committee gathers to preselect the charities and designate which month they’ll be highlighted.

Sometimes, especially if a charity is near and dear to multiple members’ hearts, a charity may be chosen twice. That was the case with the Anna’s House Foundation, which works to help foster children stay with their families in stable, loving homes.

Both Taber and his wife Julie nominated this foundation: Taber for February, and Julie for June. In June, Homes by Taber pledged to donate $250 for every home sold.

Between February and June, Homes by Taber is proud to announce they have donated $13,250 to the Anna’s House Foundation.

The Giving Continues

Homes by Taber isn’t done yet! There are quite a few charities on the calendar for the rest of the year. Thanks to an inside source, BuilderPR was able to get a sneak peek at what those charities will be.

Here’s a brief glimpse of what’s to come:

  • August: the Development department has selected Wings, a Special Needs Community. This organization seeks to help adults with developmental disabilities through social, vocational, and residential programs – all guided by the Bible.
  • September: the Field North Area Department selected Habitat for Humanity as their desired charity. A global nonprofit, Habitat for Humanity partners with people, families, and organizations to provide affordable homes.
  • October: Homes by Taber will continue their tradition of the past several years and dedicate October to Susan G. Komen. This decision was made as a company, as opposed to individual departments, in order to focus on Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

What Can You Give?

If you’re feeling inspired by Homes by Taber, put it to good use! Donate or volunteer to any of the organizations listed above, or find your own cause to pour your passion into.

Individuals can join groups or charitable organizations, while we encourage all companies to follow in Homes by Taber’s charitable footsteps.