Energy Tips For Keeping Cool This Summer

Don’t Let Your A/C Fall to the Wayside

After the record breaking temperatures of June and July’s heat wave, the need for a functioning A/C unit is more obvious than ever.

For most of us, we just crank up the A/C and call it quits. But when was the last time you actually looked into your A/C unit and made sure everything was in tip-top shape?

Take our advice on tuning up your A/C before you’re saying adios to more than just your winter sweaters. No one wants to be without cool air when the temperatures reach 100.

Regularly Inspect Your Unit

If you’re not the DIY type, this can just as simple as giving an HVAC technician a call. If you’re wanting save some cash, though, you can try checking out the system yourself using this helpful guide from the DIY Network.

Either way, make sure you’re regularly replacing your filters. The filters are essential to making sure your air conditioner runs smoothly, and they also keep the air you’re breathing nice and clean.

Bonus: keeping up-to-date on your filters also makes sure your A/C is efficient, which puts some cash back into that pocket of yours while keeping you cool all summer long.

Use ENERGY STAR Products in New Homes

If you’re looking into purchasing a new home, make sure to focus on builders that use energy efficient units. Ask your builder if they are using ENERGY STAR certified central air systems in their homes.

An EPA program, ENERGY STAR certified products reduce emissions and use less energy in order to protect both the environment and your pocket book.

So how do you tell if a builder uses ENERGY STAR certified products? First, check out if a builder has an Energy Efficiency page. Sometimes builders will refer to it as “Building Green,” like Dunhill Homes does.

You’ll also want to check if builders use the trademark little blue label on their website:

The Energy Star label


This badge identifies ENERGY STAR partners and product users, helping guide you to the best in energy efficient products.

You can also explore the program’s top picks for energy efficient air conditioning systems here if you want to know what products to keep on your mind.

Still unsure? Give your potential builder a call and ask about how they’re incorporating energy efficient products into their new homes!