Bright Realty: Over 60 Years of Success in Dallas

Bright Industries, based in Dallas, Texas,  is a full-service real estate firm that handles a huge variety of real estate-related business decisions and solutions.

For more than 60 years this company has been involved in the development, equity, or lending in hundreds of projects, ranging from single-family lots to townhome construction to office leasing and beyond. Currently, Bright Realty has $48 million in projects under construction. They plan to increase that with an additional (and impressive!) $170 million.

Their experienced team is diverse as they are professional. Bright Realty believes in the importance of giving back to the community. They have participated in many volunteer programs, including Big Brothers and Sisters, the Children’s Medical Center at Dallas, the Highland Park Public Library, and more.

Recent successes range from commercial lease deals to office space agreements to private negotiations. If you’re looking for a realty company with a history of success, go with Bright Realty in Dallas.