SW Wold Custom Homes in the Minneapolis Area

S W Wold Construction, of Ramsey, Minnesota, is celebrating its 28th year in the custom home building business! The BBB has awarded them the award in leadership for their service of more than twenty years as an accredited business, and they are proudly one of the Top 25 Builders in the Twin Cities. Scott Wold, founder of S W Wold Construction, started as a framing laborer, learning the home building trade from the very bottom. Because of his experience working his way up, he has an intimate understanding of the building process as well as long-standing relationships with contractors and real estate agents. It’s a family business with Scott’s daughter Chayna as Administrative Assistant and son Kyle as the company excavator.

Interior of a house by SW Wold, a custom home builder in the Minneapolis area.

S W Wold offers you a smooth journey with their custom home building option, even on specialty lots, with many services integrated that are often done separately such as soil testing, well and septic design, permitting, and much more! They can do urban lots that require a process of city approvals, or rural lots that are large and need to be cleared and improved.

If you’re looking for a home in the Minneapolis area, S W Wold wants to help you build your dream home and have fun doing it!